SandDollar is pleased to partner with the International Culture Wine & Food Festival (IWCFF) for its 25th anniversary. This year, the event is completely digital and SandDollar is the currency of choice at the festival.


What is SandDollar?

- Legal Bahamian tender

- Digital version of the Bahamian dollar (B$)

- Issued by the Central Bank of The Bahamas

- Kept in a digital wallet (on a mobile phone or tablet) issued via various supervised providers including Cash N’ Go, Island Pay, Kanoo, Mobile Assist, MoneyMaxx, Omni, or SunCash


How does SandDollar work?

1. Download your preferred authorised digital wallet.

2. Top up cash to your SandDollar wallet.

3. Scan to pay and enjoy. It’s just like texting cash!


How does SandDollar affect the festival?

- Faster Transactions

- Safer Transactions

- More Convenience


Is there a fee to pay with SandDollar or to

hold a SandDollar-enabled wallet?



How do I prepare for the festival?

Avoid the lines and get a head start by downloading y

our preferred digital wallet. You may also choose to top-up your wallets ahead of time.


Do I need a bank account to use SandDollar?



Do I need Bahamian identification to use SandDollar?



What do I need to use SandDollar?

To use SandDollar, all you need is a mobile phone and mobile phone number.


Can I use SandDollar outside of the festival grounds?

Yes. SandDollar is an excellent way to send and receive contactless, remote payments with merchants, clients, and loved ones across The Bahamas. Digital B$ (Sand Dollar) can be accepted by anyone with a Central Bank approved digital wallet. Some examples include, Government services, merchants and individuals.


Is SandDollar a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

No, the Central Bank Digital Currency, SandDollar is issued and regulated by Central Bank of The Bahamas and shares the same monetary stability as the Bahamian fiat.


Why does the Central Bank think we need SandDollar?

To advance more inclusive access to regulated payments and other financial services for under-serviced communities and socio-economic groups; as well as to reduce service delivery costs and increase transactional efficiency for financial services across The Bahamas.


Where can I get help with SandDollar?

If you need help setting up your digital wallet, please contact any of the following digital wallet providers:

Cash N’ Go

Island Pay


Mobile Assist





For more frequently asked questions and further assistance, please visit https://www.sanddollar.bs/faqs or email ask@sanddollar.bs.





Contact Us: info@culturefestbahamas.com