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All workers on booths serving food and/or drinks MUST have current Bahamas Health Certification. We arrange a joint certification session each year. If you miss this or cannot attend, you will have to arrange for your own individual certification direct with the Ministry of Health. You CANNOT serve food or drinks at the Festival if you do not have certification. We will notify you of the date later in the year. BE AWARE THAT IN 2019, GOVERNMENT INSPECTORS WILL BE PRESENT AT THE FESTIVAL. If you don't have a certificate with you, your booth will be closed down by them. ALL BOOTH HOLDERS MUST NOW HAVE AN OCCASIONAL BUSINESS LICENCE & LIQUOR LICENCE IF NEEDED. DETAILS GIVEN AT THE MONTHLY MEETING, LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT THE NATIONAL TRUST, THE RETREAT, VILLAGE ROAD (OPP. QC)


2. All booth holders must open a Bank of The Bahamas bank account at the Village Road branch. This is a 'cashless' Festival, where we use only Festival dollars. BOB has several bank outlets scattered around the Festival grounds, where you can deposit funds collected at the Festival. They will provide you with a Bahamian dollar payment approximately 3 days after the Festival ends, less a 10% tithe for the Festival. The 10% is the money which helps us defray the very high costs of running the event. Remember this is a non-profit event (to the organizers) and accounts are provided for the booth holders after each event. BOB comes to some of the regular committee meetings to facilitate account set up. BOB has been with us from 2009 and is highly valued as a major sponsor of ICF.


3. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for arranging with Customs that international booth holders wishing to import goods - ONLY for use on their booth - will be given a customs import waiver. To arrange this you must contact Peter Goudie at and he will explain the details of the steps necessary. You must allow several weeks for the arrangements to be made.


4. BOOTH DECOR AND CRITERIA FOR JUDGING: Booths are judged based on their region, e.g Bahamas or Asia. Prizes are allocated as 1st/2nd/3rd in each region, winners receive a trophy and ribbon. The Best in Show award goes to the booth(s) or country with the highest overall score.

Criteria for judging is BASED ON THE FOLLOWING:

Creativity - 20 pts/Originality- 20 pts/Aesthetics-20 pts/Display Items-20 pts/National Dress-10pts/Booth Preparation-10pts/Overall Impression-10pts. Points for each judge - there are 5 judges - are totalled together for each booth.




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