Under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Festival fosters friendly relations and understanding between Bahamians and the international resident community. This high quality organic experience,

that emerged from members of the community, has become an international signature event, that serves to demonstrate just how diverse and cosmopolitan The Bahamas has become.


The Festival also provides a global platform for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage foreign countries to consider staging food and

cultural weeks as well as host more trade missions to The Bahamas. Strategically, this makes The Bahamas a far more interesting and sophisticated place to live and visit by broadening and deepening the vacation experience and quality of life that is available here.


Since its reinstatement in 2009, the Festival has proved to be arguably the most popular Festival in The Bahamas attracting up to 25,000 visitors each year.  Every year we add exciting new features, more booths and more stage presentations. Ever-popular with adults and children, the Festival provides fun activities for all ages.

Come out and enjoy the best weekend in The Bahamas!




After a 2-year COVID hiatus, 2022 marks us celebrating our 25th Anniversary! We will be upgrading and enhancing the Festival this year, plus adding additional exciting features, booths and participating countries. Check back for updates!!!

OCTOBER 22/23, 2022

The initial vision for the International Culture Wine & Food Festival, was the brainchild of Dame Janet Bostwick, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs. The idea was born in 1995, to mark the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations and it was held then, as it is now, on the occasion of UN Flag Day, on the third weekend of October. Dame Janet has graciously agreed to be our Patron.




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